Meet the editors: Ariaan E. Modder

Co. Editor Ariaan E. Modder. Photo by Rebecca Negron

Co. Editor Ariaan E. Modder. Photo by Rebecca Negron

“Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple” – Natalie Babbit


In this world of the ever-changing, a few things remain constant. One of these stable truths is that a gentleman is defined by his mind and his image. Strip away the dapper attire, and you’re left with a man who is in many—if not in all ways —an accurate representation of the image he chooses to create for himself. The issue of image is multidimensional, but this writer believes that the ability to entertain an abstract idea is the centerpiece to the image of the modern gentlemen.

My name is Ariaan Modder, and I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to a variety of cultures and places, as well as possessing a quiet appreciation for literature. These two happy truths have allowed me to create complex opinions on a number of topics; including what makes a gentlemen.

Although my stance is usually intricate, I believe that a gentleman is built on the simple ability to entertain an idea. On this one skill, we can build: an appreciation for the arts, the ability to discuss political and social topics, the skill of debate and articulation and the all-important strength to sit cordially at a table with those that may be different from you. To be concise, a gentleman is built on his open-mindedness, and like all magnificent things, this is very simple.



 Ariaan E. Modder


One thought on “Meet the editors: Ariaan E. Modder

  1. Great Monday today. Optimism works and it doesn’t come down to anything but choice. You choose to be strong. You choose to have a good mood towards yourself and others.

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