“Don’t Sweat the Technique”: 7 Ways to Stay Cool During Summer.

Cool Summers. Photo by Rebecca Negron. (From left, editors Trey J. Bodwin and Ariaan Modder

Cool Summers. Photo by Rebecca Negron. (From left, editors Trey J. Bodwin and Ariaan Modder


Welcome to summertime in the south, where the heat is unbearable and pocket squares become a euphemism for sweat rags.


  We all love the idea of leisurely spending time by the pool or visiting the city’s hot spots Miami Vice style, but how do we make it happen without letting everyone see us sweat? Here are seven things that will make life a lot cooler when the temperatures aren’t.

  1. Lighter colors are your friend.

Summer brings with it a happy laziness that conjures images of slow days spent on rooftop patios in Havana. Match this lightheartedness with light colors, enjoy the experience by playing with color combinations. Remember, style is developed.

  1. The rise of the hats.

Fashionable straw-hats, bucket hats, you name it. Remember to keep it light. Straw hats are popular for exuding the most formal but yet summer look while providing a lighter feel with a slight breeze.

  1. Accessorize

Everyday summer wear can get boring for men; avoid this by pairing accessories with your outfits. Shades and bead bracelets are popular with these editors. Leather watches are a necessity. Try out light versatile colors such as beige, orange or shades of a humble brown.

  1. Explore new colognes.

Your cologne should reflect the season’s styles. Match the heat with a light citrus fragrance during summer. Be the second-best smell at this summer’s poolside BBQ. Remember, daytime colognes are your friend. However, it’s important to not over-use. A successful smell should take 1-3 (light) sprays. Try one on the collar/ chest area, followed by another on the top of your head. The key is to not overdo in the same area. Places such as the wrist and forearm can become a hit or miss depending on how strong the fragrance can be.

  1. Invest in a lightweight blazer.

For summer time you’re going to need a blazer that isn’t making you sweat profusely. We suggest linen and seersucker materials.

  1. Shorts & Short-Suits.

The name of the game is called staying cool, and in this exhibition the gentleman who masters the short-suit is the victor. Shorts are an important component of beating the heat. This aspect of men’s summer wear can be fun and innovative. Try coordinating different colors with your shorts and top. Not ready to include this in your monthly budget? You don’t have to; try cutting slim fit chinos or khakis into your own pair of summer shorts. Just make sure you take your time. A nice pair of homemade shorts will rise right above the knee about an inch or two while standing and about three-four while sitting. Take a look at Pharrell’s example of the short suit and how it should look.

  1. The game of shoes.

For some, a man’s summer ensemble begins with his shirt. For others it begins with his shoes. Utilize your loafers and boat shoes to their full-potential with or without sock visibility. No show socks with brogues are key in proving that you are the coolest character on campus. In the event that you want to show a bit more, try contrasting your outfit with different sock designs and patterns for the finishing touch. Once again, your style should reflect you. Be creative.


By: Trey J. Bodwin & Ariaan Modder



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