Finding a Rhythm to Your Finances


Meet a man thinking about the future,




As we begin to embark on the journey to adulthood and maturity, let us ask ourselves about financial awareness and monetary stability. One of the many things that concern us as savvy yet intelligent gentleman is our ability to obtain personal growth and how to catapult ourselves in a position for success throughout our lives.

Let us sit back and pay close attention to some of the trends of our generation. We have been subjected to an era of the uneducated consumer, consequently leading to the fear of missing out (FOMO). Although one cannot avoid the cycle of working to meet our responsibilities while simultaneously taking care of loved ones, it is never too late to address careless investment priorities and lack of knowledge in today’s financial realm.

There was once a time where the money you earned wasn’t directly related to your ranking in the world. Money was commonly used as a tool for current and future stability for you and your lineage. The constant consumption of our generation has served as a major distraction to this concept. Although the definition of financial stability is relative to each person, you cannot achieve true comfort until you are solely knowledgeable about everything that your monetarily  worth and how those values work for you.

It is important that we address a few resources that are afforded to us such financial advisory books and online networks/ sites. I am simply a man whose curiosity about our generation’s financial longevity took a wild swing over the past few years. I began my research with and—websites that have the purpose of informing the individuals on managing their funds efficiently while accumulating financial gain investing effectively. These sites are phenomenal resources for gaining clear perspectives on the way money works. I am extremely privileged to share these treasures of knowledge with you…. The information is for our benefit, but the most important thing for us to do is to continue informing others.


I wish you the very best regarding your attempts to mature in not just a financial aspect of life, but in every area.



 Allen A. Burton


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