Pecan Whiskey: Blazers to the Rescue

“To a gentleman, there’s no such thing as slacking. So grab a seat and matching blazer.”

3rd Level: Ace of Treys

3rd Level: Ace of Treys

The year of 2015 has officially invited itself into our everyday-schedules and paramount lifestyles. For some, this may come with a series of New Year’s resolutions that have become faint memories of what would’ve been. For others, this year couldn’t have come at a better time. As gentlemen, it is pertinent that we see the glass half-full–along with the classiest blazers in our photos.

After years of the traditional over-sized dress-shirt left untucked over a pair multi-purposed jeans, it’s time that we catch the next flight out of the early 2000’s.

The slim fit blazer and suit has re-surged in a textbook fashion for gentleman. Its versatility has the power to speak confidently across any stage of formality. We’ve known colors such as navy blue, gray and black to be only suitable for the most distinguished occasions. While this is true, a gentleman’s “coat color-wheel” has expanded by a margin of many. However, the safest rule to abide by is as follows… Anything goes!

Everything is graced in within reason and portion of course. We don’t suggest wearing a soft-pink fitted-suit in the middle of November. But we do suggest wearing that suit the right way this Spring.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that the white button-collar dress shirt is your compadre. The top two-three buttons of your dress shirt should be relaxed and free depending on how Daniel Craig‘ish your feeling. Remember, a gentleman’s style will flourish as far as his innovative mind. Be bold. Be confident.










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