A Gentleman’s Steps to Success: Summer Lessons

Chief Editor of The Gentleman's Circle j. Bodwin (Left) and Wisdom Contributor Jean-Gabriel (Right)

Chief Editor of The Gentleman’s Circle j. Bodwin (Left) and Wisdom Contributor Jean-Gabriel (Right)


Neon hues, classic shades and the faint whisper of a warm but refreshing breeze blowing across your internal thoughts. Reminds you of a true summer season doesn’t it?

A gorgeous season to the follow the last deserves much more than our casual gym shorts and tank tops. The cry of redundancy gets louder each year when the topic of summer wear is discussed. Why not be different? Why not bold? Why not be—extremely unmatched in the realm of gentlemen lifestyle.

Easier said than done? There’s no doubt. However there is something unique in every individual that naturally translates into their everyday lifestyle. Let us view this complex idea from 50,000 ft. up.

Why does it appear effortless for a child to exude his/her character without fail or hesitation? The happiness, the excitement; the goofiness. It may seem irrelevant to them but it’s all they know how to do. The sum of what they feel and what they see results in their own idea of society.

Where does it get lost? As we maneuver pass our adolescence into adulthood, how do the lenses of our life become blurred on what makes us unique?

It’s quite rudimentary to blame our media, but what about our fears? Why did I once think over-sized jeans and tee-shirts would help me fit in? (I’ll be the second to admit this by the way.)

Was it because I knew how unaccepted gentlemen were within my neighborhood. Or was it because I was afraid to embrace what I knew was different?

It wasn’t until I distanced myself to see what lies beyond the border of Oak cliff, Texas when I realized that I chose to be different. For me that moment was in a place called Redbird Mall (which is present day Southwest Center Mall). After walking with my little brother who was eight years-old at the time, we passed a group of people of similar age. A group of people I recognized. I was wearing a black cardigan, a t-shirt that was actually my size and straight-leg khakis. As we passed they laughed in amusement that I was dressed the way I was. It was obvious that they’d never see anyone there age dress this obscure. In the year of 2009, if you weren’t dressed like the hottest rapper of the time, you were stoned for your disobedience.
As my brother looked up at me to ask; “What was so funny,” I told him that they were afraid to be unique. They never saw and end to the veil that blinded them. I’d just been fortunate enough to peek through the fog that the city provided for us.

Our road to success begins with embracing your fears and conquering them with unique courage. By no means does this come over night. It is a long journey and the road ahead is filled miscellaneous experiences. But keep your eyes peeled for a hitchhiker named happiness on the way.


(From left-to right) Sir Jamaal Dardar, j. Bodwin, M.S. Zach Alexander.

(From left-to right) Sir Jamaal Dardar, j. Bodwin, M.S. Zach Alexander.





j. Bodwin


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