“The New Road Warrior: “Streetwear for the Unruly.”


Photo credit: Francis A Bassey

Between your fathers criticism of skinny jeans and Russell Westbrook’s extreme amount of originality– there’s a happy medium that doesn’t require you to pick sides.

It takes a lot of moxie to dress and play like Mr. Russ, but it only takes the character to stop traffic. It’s no secret that confidence is key. Character is the defining factor that separates us. It disconnects the hyper-aggressive billboard advertisement from the vibrant street graffiti in downtown. It alone separates the flat-casual route from the extraordinarily-scenic drive.

OK, enough with the street puns. Your character in style epitomizes the difference between what you wear–and how you wear it. The pioneers, the trailblazers, all have one thing in common. Their motives are to transform, transcend and innovate–not to reside within specific parameters and formalities.

So where do you start?

Everything has a beginning and your persona should dictate that. Your staple pieces should bridge your personality with your confidence. It takes time for some; others have already created an ensemble before reaching this point of the teaching. Remember, creativity comes from authenticity. Inspiration can be seen/ heard anywhere, but uniqueness unveils by design.

Don’t expect any cheat codes, but these combos should inspire an easy path to the next level. 





Photo credit: Francis A Bassey


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