From the Shadows to the Spotlight: “Dark color combos that stand out.”


Photo Credit: Francis Bassey @frvncisbvssey

Since the age of my earliest memory—I’ve been a batman fan to the core. I owned all the costumes, read all the comics and threw the best batman-themed birthday parties up until the age of 21. While most of my peers sought out the heroics of others with super powers, I saw something different. It wasn’t the idea of being fastest, strongest or tallest. It was the idea of being the coolest.

Despite what you may think about a 21-year-old wanting a batman cake and balloons. Or batman being the coolest, I became obsessed with his confidence. He had the undeniable ability to be calm in any situation. He carefully orchestrated every mission as if it were his last. He truly defined what it meant to be a soloist. Most importantly, he did it while wearing black.

Over the years, black has been commonly referred to as a bold color. It goes with virtually anything and will cease to go out of style. From the leather jackets to timeless tuxedos—it has befriended most. But the new age of casual wear and dark colors will be sure to befriend all. Colors such as midnight blue, charcoal, and original gray have adopted a bold characteristic. One that is much more refined than before.

How to do it?

You can always bet on black—so start by gambling with your favorite piece. For some it begins with the shirt and for others, it starts with the shoes. There’s never a wrong answer when deciding which piece of the puzzle comes first. The best artists are inspired by whatever comes naturally. But remember, boldness is the offspring of confidence and risk-taking.


Here are a few shots that should hit your target while gaining modern notoriety. Try not to miss.


Photo Credit: Francis Bassey @frvncisbvssey


Photo Credit: Francis Bassey @frvncisbvssey







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